Greenhouse tech.demo.
Greenhouse tech.demo.

MOOF believes strongly in promoting the advancement of ecological agriculture around the world.

To achieve this, MOOF desires to:

  • Host local and international conferences.
  • Teach local farmers to work with nature rather than against it.
  • Aid in Kenya’s rural development through promoting sustainable agriculture.
  • Teach and demonstrate organic agriculture technologies, such as enhancing natural biological cycles, water conservation, natural pest and disease control, preventing soil erosion, and seed saving technologies.
  • Work with local schools and universities to promote sustainable agriculture curriculum
  • Host field days where local farmers can visit and learn from our living model
  • Host international guests interested in conducting seminars and lectures on organic farming.
  • Host training courses such as permaculture certificate.
  • Promote agribusiness through farmer cooperatives.
  • Train farmers on the production of value-added products
  • Visit farmers and conduct rural workshops
  • Host community farm tours and exhibitions
  • Create an organic question and answer service for the public
  • Print educational booklets about organic farming for the community
  • Host interns
  • Work with students from around the world conducting research on organic farming

Help Africans that help themselves